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FLIP - Charcoal Tongs

The NEW Flip tongs are the best way to effortlessly grip and move your charcoal designed to let gravity do the work for you.


Provost II

The AOT Provost II Heat Controller is the perfect companion for your AOT Bowl or any other bowl.



Made entirely of high quality durable materials. The hassle-free design makes it a snap to put together, take apart and clean. Lifetime Warranty.

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The Last Hookah Bowl You'll Ever Buy

Made For Longer Lasting Flavor

The aluminum core with a vortex-style design makes your hookah tobacco last longer and taste better. The high-quality hookah bowl holds 15g-20g of shisha tobacco.

Designed To Fit Most Hookahs

Its ingenious bowl design and size allows it to fit almost all hookahs and is easy to use and easy to clean

Heat Safe Silicone Outer body and Handles

This sleek apple shaped hookah bowl is designed with a heat safe silicone material that makes handling easy for you. The charcoal holder also has a heat safe silicone covered handle for easy handling. The silicone and stainless steel materials also make this a durable hookah bowl.

Stainless steel screen charcoal holder

Our Apple on Top Hookah Bowl includes a specialty stainless steel screen charcoal holder with a wind guard.