About AOT

The making of a modern Hookah was no small task.

Our goal was clear.  We set out to create the smallest possible Hookah bowl that could still deliver the full smoking experience.  In order to succeed, this would require correcting more than a millennium of traditional Hookah design shortcomings.  To accomplish this extraordinary feat, we went back to the very beginning and designed our Hookah from scratch.

We did it.  The AOT Hookah bowl is designed to be sleeker and smaller, as well as to fit most traditional Hookahs and provide extended flavor.  Since Hookah smoking is all about longer lasting flavor, that’s where we started.

We upgraded it.  AOT is a concentration, rather than a reduction, of the original Hookah concept.  AOT is small, but not too small, and therefore work better than any other bowl on the market.  AOT is shatterproof and fits most traditional Hookahs.  AOT’s refined uni-body simplifies more parts into a stream-lined and more user-friendly design.

Have a bowl.  AOT, with its smaller bowl and deeper cup, offers more prolonged flavor, is easier to handle and therefore provides more enjoyment for the 21st century and beyond.